Covid Relief

About Covid Relief

Help those in need across India with urgent relief.
Give food, medical kits. Help teachers/imams struggling to survive.

$25 Give an impoverished family a Food Package.

$30 Medical kit to help save lives.
(Oxymeter, Thermometer, Gloves, Medicine, Masks etc.)

$100 Support a school teacher/imam's family for one month with emergency needs while schools are shutdown.

$250 Feed 6 Families for 1month, gift of Food Package.

$1,000 Oxygen Concentrator to help someone breathe.

$12,000 Cost of 1 Emergency ICU Hospital Bed.

$14,000 Cost of 1 Ventilator.

IMRC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) registered organization.
Tax ID: 28-0058132